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Video refresh rates

in Homy Player 6.00 Karma


i'd like to know if automatic refresh rate switching works with homy player. Unfortunately a lot of Android boxes have problems with that under kodi.

Sometimes there are also problems with 24p. The fire tv for example can't display 23.976 frames/s correctly. It just plays the video with 24 frames/s what results in slight juddering...

Can your player handle this?



  • 6.00 Karma

    Dear Rob,

    Welcome :smile:

    We haven't noticed problems on Netlix, Youtube or playing any video format. We have designed Homy Player with high-quality components in order to avoid this problem. Anyhow, we will send some samples to few assigned users in order they can review and destroy the device and send us detailed reports.

    If they can find any type of bug (hardware or software) we will fix it asap before going for mass production.

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