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Homy Player let you play X-Box and PS4 like-games without buy an expensive console or games.
Enjoy more than 100+ titles for a small montly fee.

Homy Player could handle the most demanding 3D high definition games.
An octa-core processor, a 3D graphics engine and lots of memory puts a lot of horsepower at your fingertips.

4K HDR ready

The Homy Player is even ready for your Ultra HD television. Its HDMI port will send 4K resolution video to the newest TVs and will also support high dynamic range content. Combine that with 10-bit surround sound audio enhanced by Dolby Digital Plus® or DTS™ and you have the ultimate streaming experience.

Inmersive sound

Enjoy the best sound experience while play
your cool games combining high-quality video
streaming with Dolby Digital Plus© or DTS©

Casual gamer?

Just enter to the Game Store and download all free games you want. Homy Player comes with generous 32GB of storage and you can connect  more through our USB ports.



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